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There are currently no Brackets for this event.

The Tekken Rule set will follow the TWT 2023 Rule set found here: https://www.bandainamcoent.com/legal/community-events/official-rules-twt2023

In summary the following game play rules will be followed:
  • The tournament will be run on PlayStation 4/5 with a PC option | Bring Your Own Controller

  • All Match Sets will be best-of-three, in which the Player who wins two (2) Matches first wins the Match Set, with the exception that the Winner’s Bracket finals, Losers Bracket finals, and Grand Finals of each Tournament Event bracket will be best-of-five, in which the Player who wins three (3) Matches first wins the Match Set.

  • The winner of any single Match is determined when the Game awards the win to that Player or upon the opponent causing a match disruption or other violation of the Rules as determined by the Tournament Organizer staff member.

  • During a Match Set, the winner of any single Match must comply with the following winner lock rules:

  • At the start of a Match Set: Players select their sides. Players may mutually agree on who sits on left and right side, corresponding to Player 1 and Player 2, respectively, at the start of a Match. Players are committed to this selection for the entirety of the Match. If Players cannot agree to a Side Selection, they will play a Best-of-Three Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who picks their side for the first Round. For all subsequent Rounds and Matches, the winner may select a side first.
  • Each Player selects their character and the stage is selected at random; After any single Match, the winner is "locked" into their character and they are not permitted to switch their character until or unless they lose a subsequent single Match;
  • All single Matches are loser's choice; and the loser of any single Match may choose between rematching with the Player’s previous characters and stage, rematching with the Player’s previous characters but with a new stage of their choice, or returning to character select to choose a new character and a new randomly selected stage.
  • All Matches must use the following in-Game Settings:

    • Rounds: 3 out of 5
    • Time Limit: 60 seconds
    • Stage: Random (Required for first game of Match)
    • Character Customizations: Off
    • Character Preset Costumes are legal for Tournament use with the exception of the following:
  • Jack-7 Preset 3 & 4 cannot be used.

  • Gigas Preset 3 cannot be used.

  • Players cannot use the same Preset. Should both Players wish to use the same Preset, they will play a tiebreaker as determined by the Tournament Organizer or Tournament Event Organizer (as applicable) to determine who may use their preferred Preset Costume for the duration of the Match.

  • If a Character Customization or one of the above listed Presets that cannot be used are used, the Match is subject to not being scored. Players are responsible for immediately finishing the Match with one (1) Player holding forward for the remainder of the rounds to quickly return to the lobby and restart the Match.