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Event Rules


  • Style: 3 stocks

  • Time Limit: 7 minutes

  • FS Meter, Spirits, Damage Handicap: Off

  • Stage Selection: Anyone

  • Items : None and Set None

  • First to: 1 Win

  • Stage Morph: Off

  • Stage Hazards: Off

  • Team Attack: On

  • Launch Rate: 1.0x

  • Underdog Boost: Off

  • Pausing: Off

  • Score Display: Off

  • Show Damage: Yes

  • Custom Balance: Off

  • Echo Fighters: Big

  • Teammate Highlight: Off

  • Language: English

Stage List
  • Battlefield
  • Small Battlefield
  • Final Destination
  • Yoshi's Story
  • Pokémon Stadium 2
  • Lylat Cruise
  • Smashville
  • Town and City
  • Hollow Bastion
Character specific rules :


Set Procedure
  1. Sets can be played in first to 2 or 3 wins (respectively best of 3 or best of 5) depending on the rules of the tournament. It is recommended that at least the finals (winners, losers, and grand) are played in best of 5.

  2. Both players announce their character pick. A blind pick can happen if requested by one of the players : both players must privately tell their character pick to a third party who will announce them out loud. In case of a blind pick Mii players must specify their moveset when announcing their character.

  3. Gentlemen’s Clause: before striking both players may in turn suggest a stage to settle on, one time each. If an agreement is reached they can skip the striking phase. They cannot choose a stage that isn’t on the list.

  4. Players do a rock-paper-scissors game, best of 1, then they strike the 9 stages in a 3-4-1 format. Winner of the RPS strikes 3 stages from the 9 available. Loser selects 2 stages from the 6 remaining. Winner chooses between these 2 stages where the first match will happen.

  5. The match is played. In case of a stock tie when time runs out then sudden death isn’t played and the player with the lower percentage wins. In case of equal percentages a tiebreaker game is played in 1 stock, 3 minutes, same stage, same characters. If a sudden death happens before the timer runs out it isn’t played and a tiebreaker game is played in 1 stock, 3 minutes, same stage, same characters.

  6. Winner picks his character.

  7. Loser picks his character.

  8. The winner of the match bans 3 stages.

  9. The loser chooses a stage between the 6 remaining.

Steps 5 to 9 are repeated until one of the players earns enough victories to win the set.

Good luck!

Tournament Rules