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Match settings: -3 stocks -7 minute timer -Stage hazards off -Spirits off -Items off -Team Attack on (for doubles)

Matches are best of three up until a top cut (generally top 8), where they are best of five.

Stagelist: -Battlefield -Small Battlefield -Final Destination -Pokemon Stadium 2 -Kalos Pokemon League -Smashville -Town and City -Lylat Cruise -Hollow Bastion

For game 1, stages are selected via a stage striking process, where players take turns striking stages they don't want to play on until one stage remains. In subsequent games, the winner of the previous game strikes 3 stages and the loser chooses from the remaining stages. The stage selection process is detailed below:

For game 1: -Both players announce their character -Players play Rock-Paper-Scissors to choose who strikes first -Winner of RPS strikes 2 stages -Loser of RPS strikes 4 stages, leaving 3 for the RPS winner to choose from -Alternatively, players can skip this process and play on any legal stage if both players agree

For subsequent games: -Winner of the previous game announces their character -Loser announces their character -Winner strikes 3 stages -Loser chooses from the remaining stages