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The goal of the game is to get from one Wikipedia page to the other before your opponent.

All matches are Bo3, except for the Winners' and Losers' Finals.

  • Any link shown on the page is fair game.
  • DO NOT use the browser find tool!
  • No back button allowed!

A list of Wikipedia pages has been created and randomized in a spreadsheet, this is randomized after every match.

Each player will say a number 1-100 that designates a randomized popularly visited Wikipedia page. Each player gets one reroll per series which they may use on either their own or their opponent's Wikipedia page pick. The higher seed picks the number for the starting page, and the lower seed picks the number for the destination page. No players may click on the starting page until the referee says go. The referee may read a small description of the destination page to familiarize the players with the page material.