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There are currently no Brackets for this event.


  • This event is hard capped at 1024 Entrants. Make sure to pre-register immediately!
  • This bracket uses the Frosbite 2020 Ruleset (Link HERE).
    • 3 stocks, 7:00 minutes.
    • Before counterpickikng, the winning players get 2 bans.
  • The losing player cannot go to the last stage they won on.
  • In the event someone lies about their loss and tries to scam you, make sure to keep a photo/recording of each game (w/ win screen) for the review! This is important!
  • All sets before Top 8 are Bo3.
  • Make sure to view this guide on creating online rooms for tournaments if you have never participated in an Online Tournament before: https://imgur.com/a/uH7HToD
  • Auto DQ Timers have been set for 5 minutes! Make sure to check in immediately once available!
  • If both players have checked in for their match but no match has started within 15 minutes, we will DQ whoever is responsible for the hold up!
  • Entrants of this event cannot enter another WiFi tournament on this day. We want the event to run smoothly, so please block out the appropriate time for this tourney.
  • This is an Ethernet Adapter ONLY Tournament. If we investigate and find that you have a Wireless (Wifi) connection, you will be DQ'd from the tournament with No Refund.
  • Lag Test can be performed for Off-Streamed matches, but there is a limit to this request and we will be investigating both parties where this comes up. You must have access to a desktop computer for ping tests if needed - failure to do so will result in a DQ. If our review(s) come up with either one or both players utilizing WiFi, you will be automatically DQ'd with No Refund.
  • Be respectful to others at all times and have fun!