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[1] Competitors on stage accept to be recorded during competition and the media captured will be shared on YouTube and other social media sites on the internet. Other persons may be recorded as part of documenting the event.

[2] Casual gaming begins at 10:30AM AST and closes about an hour before the event ends.

[3] Food and drinks will be sold at the event. Kindly consider giving your support to our caterers.

[4] Please help us to maintain a safe and fun environment for everyone.
    (a) Be kind and understanding even if in disagreement.
    (b) Do not bring or wear any object that can cause harm to anyone.
    (c) No vandalism. Treat the furniture and appliances/devices at the venue with care.
    (d) Strictly no smoking, vaping or alcohol allowed on the premises.
    (e) No profanity, vulgar language, illegal or intoxicating substances. Verbal abuse or any inappropriate language/behaviour not conducive to a fun, kid-friendly environment will not be tolerated and will be grounds for expulsion from the venue without refund.
    (f) Dress appropriately and modestly. The host reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone dressed inappropriately or wears clothing that is illegal or displays hatred to any group, place, ethnicity, religion, belief, political party, or individual, &c.
    (g) Each person is responsible for their personal belongings. Lost items should be reported.

[5] The tournament organisers take no responsibility for the safety of vehicles parked at the venue.

[6] The tournament organisers cannot guarantee the safety of any appliance/device brought to the event (e.g. consoles, televisions, headsets, controllers, &c) and take no responsibility for any damages that may occur from poor use, power outages, or any other circumstances.

[7] Alcohol will not be served at the event by the caterers. Anyone found with alcohol at the event or in an intoxicated state (as a result of consuming alcohol or other substance prior to the event) will be immediately removed from the compound by security.

[8] Refunds, for any reason, will not be given to any competitor/spectator after the tournament begins.

[9] Help keep the venue clean by placing all garbage in the garbage bags provided, and practising clean ethics when eating/drinking or using any of the venue’s facilities. This will help us in securing this location for future events.

[10] For any assistance, please seek out any of the organising team’s members, usually located near the main screen area.

All competitors, spectators, event organisers, and volunteers unconditionally agree to the above Event & Venue Rules/Disclaimers upon entering the venue of the event.