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Event Rules

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition
  • All Characters that have been available for more than a period of 2 weeks are allowed. *This is applicable to DLC Characters*
    • Tournament format is Double Elimination and will be best 2 out of 3
      • Top 8 matches will be Best of 5
        • Winner of a match cannot change characters
          • Loser of a match can change characters
            • Pressing Pause during the match, will automatically result in giving a round to your opponent. This rule can be verified with a judge if needed. If both parties agree to continue the match, it will be at their discretion, but has to be a mutual consent.
              • Any glitch during the match which may delay or prohibit your opponent from playing will result in a loss to the person delaying the match through a game-breaking glitch
                • CPT additional rules: https://capcomprotour.com/rules/

Tournament Rules

#General Rules

###Registering for the events, or attending it constitutes the voluntary consent of the participant or attendee to:

*Be screenshot, filmed or recorded during the events scheduled time The reproduction and use of all such photographs, digital images, films, and likenesses for publicity purposes in publications, advertisements, promotional and marketing materials, and all other media including the World Wide Web, without further notice or compensation to the registrant, participant, or attendee All proprietary rights and copyrights in all such photographs, digital images, films, stream clips and likenesses (including negatives, positives, and prints) shall be and remain property of Organizer of such event We reserve the right of participation in the event. Any behavior that may perturb participants, viewers, organizers or the progression of the event is subject to disqualification Registrations are final. Tournaments that do not reach 8 players, by the time Registration ends, will be canceled and you will receive a refund. Your registration can also be moved to another game if you wish to do so. You may receive promotional emails from sponsors, future event emails or related information about events and deals. Registrations are unlimited, but players must avoid conflicts with other tournaments. Players may be asked to withdraw if any conflict arises regarding scheduling and conflicting events.

WC2021 Online Tournament Guidelines for Competitors

  • Competitors must be registered in Smash.gg/WC2021
  • Competitors must sign in to the First Attack Puerto Rico Discord -- Player check-in will be done in discord 20 minutes before the tournaments begin -- Tournament Rules will be available through discord for each category as well as in smashgg -- Players may address issues or technical difficulties to the TO’s through Discord -- Coordination of matches as well as reporting can also be done through discord if players are unable to report results through smashgg
  • Once the Online Tournament begins, players must enter their matches and check-in in smashgg to begin their 1st match of the tournament
  • There will be a 10 minute DQ timer which will set off as soon as the tournament begins. Players that do not check-in for their matches within the 10 minutes will automatically be disqualified through smashgg
  • Competitors must be responsible in starting their matches within the time limits set in the smashgg.
  • In the case of a dispute between both players, they may call upon the assistance from a TO with the “Call Moderator” option in Smashgg. Or they may address the designated TO’s assigned to the tournament on that day.

#####WC2021 Internet Requirements and Guidelines (May be subject to change):

  1. Competitors must have minimum internet connectivity of 20-30MB (Download) y 3-5MB (Upload) to ensure an effective online experience during the tournament.
  2. Consoles must be utilized with a WIRED connection (ethernet cable). You cannot compete in the tournament using Wi-Fi
  3. Competitors for Smash Ultimate must have a Lan Adapter to compete with a wired connection.
  4. Speed Test Requests: If two competitors are experiencing an unstable internet connection, players may request a speed test from their opponents and verify with a T.O. If any of the two players is below the Minimum Requirements (50MB download/3-5MB upload), The player that meets the minimum requirement will be awarded the win, unless both players agree in playing their match in the current circumstances. -If both players experience an unstable connection, but both meet the minimum requirements when providing evidence of the speed test, they must continue their match.