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There are currently no Brackets for this event.

Please make sure you have downloaded and are familiar with using the Parsec client on your PC device. All matches will be played using Parsec. Please make sure to add the correct Parsec account identified in the Tournament Discord. Do not connect to any Parsec server until you have been instructed to by the TO, make sure you connect to the correct server. Intentional or unintentional interruption of any match can result in a DQ from that round or the entire bracket. Please remember to set buttons in the character select screen before choosing your character, failure to do so can result in playing the match with the buttons as is or a penalty for needing to reset. Please remember to return to the character select screen when your set has finished, and make sure the winner clearly reports the match results to the TO in the appropriate discord channel.

All matches Best of 3, Finals matches are Best of 5. Double elimination. For every round Winner must select to rematch on same stage, Loser may choose to rematch on same or random stage, or change character and select random stage.