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Player Eligibility: -Eligibility is judged on the player - level. Players that sign up must meet the following criteria to be eligible for league play: --Player’s account must have more than 300 ranked 3s matches in total --Player’s account must have existed for more than 3 seasons. --Player cannot have achieved RLCS points within 12 months. --Player must be 13 years of age or older.
Players cannot play on multiple teams, or on multiple accounts.

-Registration: --For all events, players must be registered on Start.gg and complete the player form in the WDS discord. One player/coach from the roster must be named the Point of Contact for each team. --Registration is good for one split (returning teams will fill out an intent form). --Rosters are FINAL upon the start of the split. Roster Changes will be available during certain periods of League play. --Player’s Discord will match their in-game display name. --Names must be reasonably appropriate for both teams and players. This includes but is not limited to: racism, sexism, antisemitism, hate speech, ableism, etc. --Failure to adhere to these rules after the start of play will result in that team forfeiting their series(s) for the remainder of the split.

This event will have a USD $30.00 prize pool