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The following text determines the complete Cup Quakes tournament rules.

  1. Agreements / arrangements

Certain agreements between participants are allowed to slightly differ from the general rules. Agreements that differ greatly from general rules are however not allowed. Please note that the general rules were made to ensure a fair match for all participants. You are not allowed to file a protest after the match if you think that the agreements made before the match in the end resulted in a disadvantage for your team.

Rules that can be changed with agreements are explicitly stated. Rules that do not explicitly state they can be changed by agreement, cannot have agreements made.

All arrangements between participants made in addition to the general rules have to be written down in the match comments. The other participant has to confirm the arrangements also in the comments. To avoid abuse of the edit function, a third comment must be written.

Please also keep screenshots and/or log files of your arrangements. If you do not fulfil these requirements, any protests or supports concerning arrangements will be rejected.

The following rules may never be changed by arrangement:

Entering results for matches that have not been played
Allowing players to play that are barred because of penalty points, or are barred in the league due to a ban 

Accusation of cheating by timetable If you want to accuse your opponent(s) of cheating, you need to hand in a timetable within 48 hours after the match has been finished. A timetable should be handed in along with the opening of the protest, so please make sure you have your timetable(s) ready when you open the protest. Nevertheless the timetable can still be handed in later (as long as it is within the 48h deadline) in case you did not do that along with the opening of the protest.

  1. Player Eligibility

2.1 Regional restrictions Residents from all countries are eligible to participate.

2.2 Age Players must be eligible to play Quake Champions according to their local age restrictions, at the point of tournament registration, as outlined in Appendix B: Countries & Age.

2.3 Skill level Players from all skill levels are eligible to participate.

2.4 Employees & Conflicts of Interests Employees of Bethesda Softworks LLC, ZeniMax Media Inc., id Software LLC and its respective affiliates, subsidiaries, representatives, advertising, promotion and publicity agencies, and the immediate family members or persons living in the same household of such employee are not eligible to participate in the competition.

  1. Settings

3.1 Format All matches are played in Bo3 format.

Group Stage matches are played in Single Elimination Bo3 format. The top two players will advance to the Final Bracket. The Final Bracket is played in Double Elimination Bo3 format. The Lower Bracket is played in Single Elimination Bo3 format. The Grand Final is played in Bo3 format. The player advancing from the Upper Bracket has to win one Bo3 in order to win the tournament. The player advancing from the Lower Bracket has to win two Bo3s in order to win the tournament.

3.2 Lobby Settings Time Limit Duel - 10 minutes Time Limit - 100 kill Frag Limit.

3.3 Illegal scripts In general, all scripts are illegal. Here are some examples for illegal scripts:

Stop shoot scripts 
Center view scripts
Turn scripts (180° or similar)
No recoil scripts
Burst fire scripts
Rate changers (Lag scripts)
FPS scripts
Bunny hop scripts
Stop sound scripts

Violations of this rule will lead to a warning the first time. If in team matches more than 1 player played with wrong client settings and they have been warned before already, the match will be deleted.

Illegal software and hardware tools Changing the game graphics or textures with the help of video card drivers or similar tools is illegal. Furthermore any kind of overlay that displays the system performance while playing (e.g. Nvidia SLI Display, Rivatuner Overlays) is illegal. Tools that only display the FPS are legal. You will be punished regardless of whether the changes have been made using external hardware or software and regardless of actively using them or not.

  1. Game account It is mandatory to have the same gamer tag in Quake Champions and on the Cup Quakes discord server so players can be found easily. When joining the discord you can change your name by right clicking on it and selecting "Change Nickname". It is also preferred to have the same or at least a similar gamer tag on smash.gg.

  2. Match rules

5.1 Nickname and clan tag Each player has to use a nickname that is similar to the nickname entered in the Smash.gg player sheet. You are not allowed to change your nickname in-game. Protests or support tickets because of a violation of this rule will be rejected.

If an admin's job is hindered because of wrong or difficult nicknames and/or clan tags, penalty points can be given to the players and teams.

A match can only start when the following minimum number of players are available:

Time Limit Duel: only 1 on 1 is allowed.
2on2: only 2 on 2 is allowed.
3on3: only 3 on 3 is allowed.
4on4: only 4 on 4 is allowed
5on5: only 5 on 5 is allowed.

Only players who were in the team prior to match confirmation are allowed to play in the match.

This rule only relates to the number of players which have to be available at match start, in case a player should drop see rule Player drop.

5.2 Adding new players All players at the official start time are eligible to play in all matches. Late joining may be possible if one of the admins allows it.

5.3 Servers It's allowed to play on another server if both parties agree to do so (e.g. due to ping problems). If you do not want to play on the EU Central server, both parties have to agree on a different one.

5.4 Before the Match

5.4.1 No show If your opponent does not confirm that they are ready 10 minutes (Cups) after the official match time, you have to open a protest to request a default win. Map vote and connecting to the server need to be done in time. Players/teams showing no real effort to do it or even delaying the process on purpose may be disqualified.

5.4.2 Pick and Ban All duel maps are in the map pool (Awoken, Blood Covenant, Blood Run, Corrupted Keep, Deep Embrace, Molten Falls, Ruins of Sarnath, Tower of Koth, Vale of Pnath). Maps will be determined in this order: ban, ban, pick, pick, ban, ban, ban, ban, pick Champions can be selected without restrictions. There are no bans nor picks happening beforehand. Mirror matches are allowed. The same champion can be picked multiple times by both players. It is not necessary to declare what champion will be picked in the lobby.

5.4.3 Server crash If the server crashes before 5 minutes have been played, the server must be restarted and the score will be reset to 0-0.

If the server crashes after the 5th minute has been completed, the game must be restarted with a 5 minute time limit and the score will be counted from the last frag that happened. Only possible if both parties agree, the game can start from 0-0.

5.4.4 Player drop

If a player drops before 2 minutes have been played , the server must be restarted and the score will be reset to 0-0. If a player drops between 2-5 minutes the game will be replayed but with the score after the last frag happened. If a player drops after the 5th minute the game will be played with a 5 minute time limit with the current score.

5.4.5 Overtime Playing overtime is mandatory and will be forced by the server. Overtime will continue untill a frag happens. Teams/players will continue to play overtimes until a winner has been found, If a trade happens the server will determine the winner.

5.4.6 Forfeiting Contestants are allowed to forfeit the game by leaving the match early.

5.5 After the Match

5.5.1 Right to write a support ticket / file a protest Only players/teams involved in a match are allowed to write a support ticket or to file a protest. Players can open a protest up to 20 minutes after the match started.

5.5.2 Game abort If a team/player aborts a match before it is finished, a win may be granted to the remaining team if the match advanced to a point where the end result can be determined. If your opponent should deliberately leave the match, you must definitely file a protest. You are not allowed to enter a result yourself. This can be penalized as a fake result.

  1. Special rules

6.1 Disqualification This will only be done in cases were a team or palyer shows no real effort to get a match done or is even obviously blocking. In hard cases this can even effect both teams. If one team is unable to connect to the server due to game account problems this will result in a defaultloss.

6.2 Bugs and forbidden actions

6.2.1 Climbing

Climbing with the help of team mates is in general allowed. Not allowed are positions where textures disappear in walls or grounds if a special movement (e.g. a jump) is required.

6.2.2 Boosting, sky walking, sharking Boosting through walls, ceilings or the ground, invisible pixels or surfaces, sky walking, map swimming, floating and sharking are all forbidden.

6.2.3 Other The use of bugs is in general not allowed. Should a bug that is not listed be used, an admin will decide if a penalty is necessary.

  1. Penalty points By reaching the number of 2 warnings in different matches during a competition the team/player will be disqualified.

7.1 Illegal graphic settings The use of illegal software and hardware tools in order to change the game graphics or textures will in general be punished with 6 penalty points

7.2 Illegal scripts Using illegal scripts will be penalized with 2, 4, 6 or 12 penalty points. The amount of penalty points given depends on the script and it is up to the responsible admin to decide this. It does not matter whether the script has been used or not. If the config files of a user contain illegal scripts or parts of illegal scripts, he will be penalized, regardless of active use. The use of no recoil bindings/scripts in any and all forms will be punished with 6 penalty points after the first violation without active use and 12 penalty points after repeated violation or after active use of them.

7.3 Idling in ladders or leagues If a player/team is idling without playing any match, penalties can be given.

7.4 Recreation of teams/Accounts The recreation of team/player accounts is forbidden if active penalty points and/or barrages are bypassed, the ranking of the ladder gets faulty or if the participants aim for an advantage. If needed, active penalty points will be assigned to the new account and the barrages there of will be kept. Teams/players which were created by bypassing this rule can be deleted. In case of recurrence the players may directly be punished.

If a new team is created to bypass good or bad statistics the new team could be deleted and if the circumstances require penalties will be given to the players. Played matches keep rated.
If penalty points were bypassed, the new team will be deleted and corresponding penalties will be given to the old team. The played matches keep rated.
If a barrage is bypassed, the new team will be deleted and the barrage is reset on the old team account. The played matches are deleted. The bypassing of this rule is no reason for a protest. 
Protests because of this will be rejected. All hints have to be submitted via support ticket. Afterwards the appropriate arrangements will be initiated against the team and/or players.