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All regions can participate

All matches are played in Bo3 format.

The Grand Final is played in Bo3 with reset.

2v2 - 15 minutes - 50 Kill Frag Limit

All 10 Duel Maps are in the map pool.

It is not allowed to have the same champion twice in one team.

It is not necessary to declare what champion will be picked in the lobby. (switching during game allowed)

Starting map changes each round, follow up maps will be picked by the loser team.

- Winners Round 1 : Awoken
  • Winners Quarter-Final : Ruins of Sarnath
  • Winners Semi-Final : Vale of Pnath
  • Winners Final : Exile
  • LB Round 1 : Blood Covenant
  • LB Round 2 : Deep Embrace
  • LB Round 3 : Molten Falls
  • LB Quarter-Final: Exile
  • Losers Semi-Final : Awoken
  • Losers Final : Ruins of Sarnath
  • Grand Final : Vale of Pnath
  • GF Reset : Exile

MapPool: Awoken Blood Covenant Blood Run Corrupted Keep Deep Embrace Molten Falls Ruins of Sarnath Tower of Koth Vale of Pnath Exile

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Broadcasted http://twitch.tv/rawaleen

Discord https://discord.gg/G2ahmhkbtW