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7p est 6 january 2021

join our discord https://discord.gg/VAMfrVc and have fun.

winners side is all bo3, uh use qrindr but swap out like the maps (koth/dm6) for the maps that will be added (exile/vale) respectively

losers side until losers quarterfinals is bo1, take turns banning with the higher seed banning first until one map remains, then each of you ban a champion.

grands is map up bo5 where the person from winner's has higher seed and the last map is just discarded in the qrindr.

maps are awoken, corrupted keep, deep embrace, exile, molten falls, sarnath, and vale of pnath

official stream will be @ https://twitch.tv/nyxiadash

Prize pool - donations collected on stream 60% for first 30% for second 10% for third