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Version: Steam

An official part of the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid League! Details can be found at https://battleforthegrid.com/pages/league

The Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid League (“PRBFTG League”) is comprised of competitive esports gaming tournaments, featuring Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, the popular fighting game developed by nWay. The PRBFTG League consists of both online and offline sanctioned tournaments where players compete to win Grid Points, which are tracked on a leaderboard to determine the rankings of players in the League. After all the sanctioned tournaments have occurred, the 7 highest ranked players from the leaderboard will be qualified to participate in the year end PRBFTG finale during Evolution 2020 weekend. In spirit of the PRBFTG League, Extra Life: United has partnered with nWay to become a bonus Major Stop so players can gather Grid Points while helping raise money for charity!

Double Elimination Tournament.

All matches are best of 5.

Stages are randomly selected.

nWayPlay IDs are required for all online participants in order to reward Grid Points. Also, if multiple nWayPlay IDs were originally acquired, the players must request to merge into one primary nWayPlay ID through nWay support.

All players must have a wired connection at all times as preventative measures for disconnections.


A) The player whose controller disconnects or pauses the match will forfeit the first match. However, if both players are in agreement, they reserve the right to restart the match.

B) If an external player’s controller failed to de-sync their controller from the tournament console and as a result pauses a match, the players will simply resume the match. However, if both players are in agreement, they reserve the right to restart the match.