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Hey everyone, Ateozc (Ah-tay-osck) here.

I'm the Chicago Rivals guy that runs stuff on occasion when there is interest.

My goal in life is to travel and see new places. I have never been to Arizona and would love to add it to the list of places I have been while enjoying some Rivals.

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Pot Bonus

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Hi, I'm Jentan, a TO from MDVA who runs events at Xanadu Games for all kinds of platform fighters. I've been running weekly Rivals of Aether brackets at my local Extra Credit for over a year and I'm one of the head TOs for Hitfall, the East Coast Rivals Regional/Major. I'd like to attend Heat Wave because I've never attended any events outside of MDVA and I think there's a lot that I could learn from Heat Wave to bring back to my events on the East Coast.

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Heya, I'm AutobotJaz! You might know me as the community manager of Switchcord or the founder of the WolfPack esports org. For a little over 2 years, I've been TOing and occasionally commentating a wide variety of online brackets. I've been keeping Switch tournaments going since mid-2021, the same year I established WolfPack and the weekly tournament series you know and love: The Hunt.

After successfully running Threat Level: Alpha, my first online major for GRL, I've become increasingly enthus

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