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Event Rules

PS4 Pro, Default Game Settings, 2/3 Rounds

3/5 Games for all Sets

Winner Must Keep Character

Loser May Switch Character

Stage/Music must be Random Select

Tournament Rules

General Rules

Please pick up your trash or any trash you find.

Please be kind & respectful to all.

Clear the walk ways.

Around children or concerning adults, please keep cussing and foul mouth to a minimum.

Please report to your bracket runner if you plan on leaving the venue during or right before bracket.

Gentleman's Clause: Any stage/music may be played on as long as both players agree to it & it does not stall time.
  • Please bathe and don't be afraid to double up on deodorant. Smelling nice is a courtesy EVERYONE deserves.
  • It is hard to police everyone that may feel sick so we really need everyone’s cooperation in a comfortable event. If you’re feeling sick shortly before the event, please stay home and quarantine for the safety of all attendees. Don't hesitate to inform any JGN staff members.
  • Please listen & respect to all JGN staff. We expect all attendees to cooperate fully.
  • Players will be penalized if they are unable to follow the polices above or compelled to argue about the requirements to attend by the discretion of JGN staff.
  • Please be aware that these penalties may result in disqulification without refund, removal from the venue, and/or an attendance ban from all future JGN events. JGN staff are able to initiate these actions even after an initial warning or from a previous warning from a past JGN event.