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Solos - Zero Build

For 1v1s, both players (you and your opponents) will enter the game as a 2-person squad. Within the game, each player represents a team, who will play independently of each other. Each player will play 2 games.

  • Elimination: 1 point
  • Victory Royale: 10 points
  • Top 5: 7 points
  • Top15: 5 points

Tiebreaker Rules The following hierarchy determines tiebreaker criteria:

  • Total Points Scored

  • Total Kills from Best Game

  • Split Payment

Server Selection: must be set to venue locations time zone.

Players are allowed to use all weapons and vehicles in the game. There are no prohibited places.

It is strictly forbidden to collaborate with another opponent in 1v1. If this happens, you will be eliminated automatically.

End of the match or once eliminated, the player will show the TO the stats screen before returning to lobby