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3 stocks

Items off

Hazards off

FS Meter off

Initial stage strike format. 1-2-1

STARTER STAGES: Battlefield, Final Destination, PS2, Smashville, Town and City

COUNTERPICK STAGES: Yoshi's Story, Yoshi's island, Kalos Pokemon League, Lylat Cruise

NOTE Omega and Battlefield variations are allowed

LAG Must be connected through lan adapter if possible. If no lan adapter is available, YOU MUST DO THE FOLLOWING.... Play as close to your router as possible Turn off the wifi of any devices that is connected to wifi that is not being used. (ex: cell phone, laptop, tv, tablet, etc) If lag is an issue, report it to me and i'll do a lag test on each player and determine if the match is playable or not. If it is not playable, the player with the lag will be disqualified