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Strongstyle Team Tournament
Game: Tekken 7
Team Size: 3v3
Bracket Style: Double Elimination
Match Format: Double Life Pokemon Style
Character Selection: Locked throughout the entire tournament
Time per round: 60 seconds
Rounds per game: 3 out of 5 rounds
A. Team Organization
  • All teams must consist of 3 players throughout the tournament.
    • Teams must be defined by July 6, 2019.
    • All members without a team will be randomly assigned team members from a pool of players without teams.
    • All members must be present to participate in any match played.
    • If a player is not present or leaves in the middle of a match, that team may be required to forfeit games.
  • Team members cannot change after July 7, 2019, unless directly addressed by tournament organizers.
    • Players will not be able to change at the event regardless of the situation.
B. Double Elimination Bracket
  • Each team, as a whole, is afforded two losses before being eliminated from the tournament.
    • Each team advances through a standard bracket with each win.
    • Upon the team’s first loss, that team will be placed into the losers side of the bracket.
    • Upon the team’s second loss, that team is eliminated from the tournament.
    • The tournament is complete after all but one team remains.
  • Brackets will be set the week leading up to the tournament.
    • Brackets will be seeded in the following order:
      • International teams
      • USA Regional teams
      • Local seeding
    • Brackets will be seeded live via stream.
      • Teams are able to dispute seeding under the grounds of:
        • Region
        • Unforeseen complications due to team structure
C. Double Life Pokemon Style
  • Each Match, a team advances after eliminating each member of the opposing team twice.
    • First players to play in a match are decided via blind pick.
      • The first match will have the stage chosen randomly.
      • Each team member is given 2 lives.
      • When a match concludes, the player who loses the match will be deducted 1 of their lives.
      • When a player loses both of their lives, they are eliminated from the set.
    • Upon a loss, a player can either stay on or be replaced by another player, as long that that person has lives remaining.
      • Stage can be selected by the team that lost the previous game.
      • Characters are locked throughout the entire tournament.
    • A team advances after the opposing team has lost all of their lives.
      • In the event of a double K.O. or draw in the fifth round of a game, both players will lose a life.
      • If the final game in the set ends in a double K.O. or draw, a single round will be played, and the team of the winning player will advance.
        • Team is allowed to pick any player to participate in the single round game.
        • Stage select must be set to random.
        • If the single round game also ends in a draw, the same players will continue to keep playing until a round is won cleanly.