Smash Summit 6 Compendium

$15,000+ Invitational Prize Pool
$10,000 to singles and $5,000 to doubles! Help grow one of the biggest prize pools in Melee.
Vote on the Invited Players
6 players chosen by YOU will join the 10 invited players.
Draft Crew Battles
Captains voted by the community will draft a crew to compete a high stakes crew battle.
Unlock Extras:
Fun challenges, pre-Summit media day stream, friendlies stream... and EVERYONE attends Summit?!

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Complete Goals

Stream Until Midnight

We will extend the stream to midnight Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with additional live content.

$5,000 raised
100% funded
Media Day Stream

Media Day Stream goes live: 12PM - 8PM with activities all day!

$5,000 raised
100% funded
Draft Crews

Draft Crews is back. Pick your 4 favorite players as captains.

$5,000 raised
100% funded
Hide and Seek World Championship

Fully dark house. POV Camera. Mini Map. Top players with flashlight. Prison Rules.

$3,000 raised
100% funded
Special Video

From the makers of Smash WWE: TRUST us (again).

$2,000 raised
100% funded

Mini Documentary on Arizona Local Melee scene.

$1 raised
100% funded
Mario Party

Waluigi better sit his ass down.

$1,000 raised
100% funded
Singles Pot Bonus
$12,010 raised

Unfinished Levels

Help fund goals by ordering merch or donating directly!

Doubles Pot Bonus
$1,447 raised
19% funded