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Super Smash Bros Melee Rules

  • Check in on smash.gg
  • Version: Slippi R18 with Regular Pokemon Stadium
  • Restricted to Alberta and adjacent regions (subject to connection strength)
  • Best of 3 games per set.
  • Best of 5 games per set (Top 8).
  • 4 Stocks, 8 Minutes.
  • Items and pause are disabled.
  • Accidental pausing results in a forfeit of a stock.
  • Players strike (P1, P2, P2, P1) or agree on the first stage.
  • Loser selects stage, winner selects character, loser selects character.
  • You may not choose any stage you previously won on, unless agreed upon.
  • You may not play on a stage that is not on the legal stage list.
  • Wobbling is banned (maximum 8 pummels).
  • Neutral: Battlefield, Final Destination, Yoshi’s Story, Dreamland, Fountain of Dreams
  • Counterpick: Pokemon Stadium