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Event Rules


  • Items: Off
  • Stage Hazards: Off*
  • Stage Morph: Off*
  • Spirts: Off
  • Handicap: Off
  • Game Mode: Stock Battle
  • Stocks: 3
  • Time: 5 Minutes


*= Subject to Gentleman
(Gentleman (noun./verb.)- The act of both players agreeing to circumvent one or more aspects of the established rules.)

Legal Stages-


Battlefield/Dreamland/Fountain of Dreams/Battlefield-form* ; Pokémon Stadium 1/Pokémon Stadium 2* ; Smashville ; Town & City ; Lylat Cruise


Northern Cave/Kalos Pokémon League* ; Small Battlefield ; Final Destination/Omega-form* ; Hollow Bastian ; Yoshi's Story

*= Stages are interchangeable with each other.


  • DSR (Dave's Stupid Rule: If a player has won on a stage that same player may not choose to go back to said stage)
  • 4 Stage Bans
  • 1-2-1 Strike
Match Start:

1.) Players will initiate the match by playing Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS); the loser must reveal which fighter they will play for game 1; the winner of the RPS will reveal their intended fighter after the RPS loser reveals their fighter; if 1 or both of the players would prefer to blind pick a third party must be told by both players in private which fighters they intend to choose; the third party will then relay back to both players which fighter both players had relayed to the third party earlier in this procedure.
2.) Both players will agree on 1 of the starter stages to play their match on. If a stage cannot be agreed on both players must strike to decide the starting stage; the loser of the RPS from step 1 will initiate the striking process by striking 2 of the 5 starters that will not be played on; the winner of the RPS from step 1 will strike second by striking 2 of the remaining 3 stages starting stages that the initial striker did not strike; the player who struck first will now decide which of the remaining 2 stages will be played on from game 1 by striking the final stage.
3.) Both players will choose the fighters that were communicated in step 1.
4.) Commence game 1.
5.) The winner of Game 1 will announce if they intend to switch fighters or not (this player does not have to reveal exactly which fighter they intend on playing) followed by the loser of Game 1 revealing their character switch intentions; once both players have aired their intentions the loser of Game 1 will choose one of the remaining 8 stages to play Game 2 on.
6.) The winner of Game 1 will choose their fighter first; the winner of Game 1 may not switch fighters once the loser of Game 1 picks their fighter.
7.) Commence game 2.
8.) Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the set has concluded abiding by Dave's Stupid Rule.