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There are currently no Brackets for this event.
  • All participants must register on smash.gg by January 15th at 10:00PM EST.

  • No exceptions will be made for late registration.

  • Shadow Palette pack is banned from tournament play.

  • As this is an international event, having a high ping with the other participants is not an automatic disqualification. We do however require a stable enough Internet connection for matches to take place in a timely fashion. If matches cannot be spectated due to connection issues, they will be played off-stream and off-server in a Vanilla Lobby between the two players. If the match continues to be unplayable, an Organizer will attempt to determine which player's connection is the source of the issue and issue a disqualification (both players will be disqualified if it is unclear where the issue lies).

  • PLEASE DO NOT USE WIRELESS INTERNET CONNECTIONS. There is no disqualification rule or penalty if you are unavoidably forced to use a wireless connection (only because there is no reliable means right now to say for sure a player is using one), but to minimize connection issues we highly recommend all participants use wired connections if at all possible.

  • Payouts will be delivered via PayPal. Recipients are responsible for ensuring they have an account in good standing on hand. Individual winnings may become forfeit if the Organizer in charge of payouts is unable to transfer funds to the applicable winner..

  • Check "All Rules" for specific Match Rules, or view "tms-rules" channel in the Fightin' Foenatics Discord.