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There are currently no Brackets for this event.

Report the results on the Vortex Gallery server, score report thread. Please use the format: Player 1 score X score Player 2 (Example: Djibuti 2 x 0 DarkHoward). Winners bracket will be streamed, please wait for the streamer on the server to restart (F3 on fightcade) and start your match.

You and your opponent must be logged in and ready to play once the tournament starts.

The matches will be played by FightCade 2. The Steam version will serve as an alternative in case there are problems with FightCade 2.

Players who experience connection issues or port errors will have their game decided by the coin (heads or tails). In case of lag, high ping, etc., participants can take advantage of the first round of their fights to check the connection with the opponent. If the match cannot be played, it must be reported to the tournament organizers. They took necessary steps like connection check etc. Avoid using WI-FI connection, participants who have connection problems and use WI-FI will be automatically disqualified.

If you delay your fight the opponent will be able to advance in the phase, if you are already moved to the losers bracket, then you will be disqualified. Delays or lack of cooperation from participants will result in penalties. It is up to the event organizers to decide which ones.